Saturday, June 15, 2013

The superheroe.


Happy Father's Day, dad. My dad will always be my dad. My superheroe, and nobody can replace your place. Thanks for being the most greatest dad all over the world. May tomorrow, and till the end of my life, I can always see your smile. Lose someone that we loved the most is the most painful and hardest time to move on. Please, do take good care of your health, and alhamdullilah for the good news I had received few moments ago. I hope it will everlasts, and not only for a several time. 

Happy becoming birthday too, dad. I am glad to be at home on that time. Being close with families is the most beautiful moments ever. Rainbows wouldn't always appears, but family does. Person who will accept us no matter what happened. Person who will accept our 'baik buruk'. I try my best to be matured person. But sometimes I failed because, I feels alike i am still a young girl. A kid. I am still your eight-years-old daughter. Never growth up. But the reality is.....? I am a big girl now. The most strongest girl I never thought. Happy Father's Day, dad. May Allah bless you always. I love you...

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