Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Dad :)

i know, you will not read this.
i know, you will not notice this.
i know, you haven't much morre time to see this.
i know you.
i know you very well.
even you're not reading this, i want you to know,
deep inside my heart,
i'm still loving you.

lately, we haven't much time to spend together.
i know, i've hurt your feelings last few days.
i am really sorry.
you know that, i never mean to hurt your heart.
and i'd promised myself,
not to break your heart anymorre.
but, i'm sorry.
i've done it.
i'm bleeding inside with this situation.

i miss to spend time with you.
i miss to talk with you.
i miss to sulk with you.
i miss to make jokes with you.
i miss to hear your voice.
i miss to says '' ayah, kite nak tu boleh?''
''ayah, kite nak nie, boleh?''
''ayah itu... ayah ini...''
''ayahh, noraa kann.!''
i miss to eat with you.
i miss to share bout my days with you.
i miss to make ur nescafe everyday.
i miss everything bout you.

i'm sorry if i'd dissapointed you.
but, you hurt my feelings.!
i want you back.
i want my dad back.

even u're not belongs to me anymorre,
i'm always pray for your happiness.
always pray for your health.
always pray for you, dunia && akhirat.
you such a great dad i ever had.
i want to see your smile ever ever after.
i love you, dad.
take good care of yourself, oke.

nelly sayang ayah sampai bila bila.
maafkan nelly kalau nelly salah.
semoga ayah sihat selalu.
rajin makan ubat tauu.! hee
* cry .


syidadu said...

i love u sygg !

cik nelly said...

muahaha. i love you much .!